The Spa

Villa 3 wants to be a safe haven for all his guest, our hotel guests as well as our day spa guests. The Day Spa is only accessible for members. Memberships are personal and not transferable. The membership can be aquired at the reception at Villa 3 and valid for 1 year. Identification will be asked from all guests.

Villa 3 rules have been thought, keeping in mind the comfort of all our guests, and promote conviviality amongst our guest.  Failure to behave to the rules may unfortunately lead us to revoke membership to Villa 3 Caparica. Illegal drug use, loud behavior, violence, misconduct, theft or damaging of the property and/or its content will be subject to immediate revocation of the membership by simple decision of the management without further negotiation or discussion. Safety and comfort for all is our highest priority.

Villa 3 invites you to bring your own Beach towel and slippers. A Spa towel will be provided for your use. Extra Spa towels or pool towels are available for use against fee.

  • Entrance:

Summer season: 20€ (for stay between 1 pm and 11 pm)
Winter season: 15€ (for stay between 1 pm and 11 pm)

  • Pool towel (use): 2€;

  • Extra Spa towel (use): 1€;

  • XL Spa towel (use): 1€;

  • For hygiene reasons we only sell NEW slippers: 4€;

  • Villa 3 Caparica robes are available at 40€;

  • Massages by appointment only 65 euros for 60 minutes.

  • Male Pedicure by appointment: 35€