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Hotel's Pet Policy

Cat or Dog up to 12kg. 1 per room max.) 

At your arrival at the hotel we will ask you to sign this document to check in with your pet:

I hereby agree to the following regulations and conditions while staying at Villa 3 Caparica with my pet:


  • I agree to keep my pet on a leash or in a carrier while in public areas;

  • I agree to keep my pet out of all food & beverage areas,  pool and spa areas;

  • I agree to be present while any member of the Hotel staff, such as housekeeping or engineering, is in the room. Room cleaning must be scheduled in advance for a time when the pet is not in the room or the owner is present;

  • I agree to keep my pet with me or a designated individual at all times, and to not leave him/her unattended in the room;

  • I agree to prevent noise or any other disturbance by my pet, in the interest of other Hotel guests;

  • I agree to pay any additional cleaning bills or repairs should they be required and authorize the Hotel to charge my credit card for such charges, even if they are discovered following my departure from the Hotel;

  • I agree that, should my pet create any disturbances, which cause complaints to be made to the Hotel by other occupants or personnel of the Hotel, at the request of the Hotel manager, I shall immediately make arrangements to house my pet elsewhere outside the Hotel;

  • I will pay the pet fee of 10€ per day, max. 30€ per week.

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